Meet The Makers!

Hello! We are Kathy and Nick, married parents of four. We are strong believers in making the world a better place than we found it. We want to enjoy life, leave as small of a carbon footprint as possible, and raise kids who know what it means to earn and save a buck. If you’re like us, we hope you’ll join us on our journey.

This all began as a New Year’s resolution in 2013, Although our two boys were out of the house, we were paying college tuition for them, and our two girls were entering their teenage years – which are exciting, but not cheap. Mrs. Maker decided she could feed our family of 4 on $60 per week. You just need to throw Mrs. Maker a challenge and she figures out a way to get it done.

Around the same time, Mrs. Maker  was diagnosed with celiac and lupus. It became obvious to us that we needed to cut out the artificial and see what we could make from all natural ingredients. Our love of entertaining and making things for others organically evolved into the life we live today.

We are Mr. and Mrs. Maker. We want you to follow us, be inspired, and take something away from our lives. Whether that be learning how to make your own beer, or to save money on groceries, or to create natural cleaners and detergents….our hope is that there is something here for everyone.

Join us on our adventure of Home Spun Stuff to live the best life possible in a greener, healthier, more frugal way.