August Menu Planning and Grocery Budget

Well here we are, the final piece before August Menu Planning and Grocery Budgeting.  I want to introduce you to Walmart Grocery Pick Up.

I like to recommend Walmart Grocery Pick Up.  for a few reasons:

  • Can make your list and stick to it, no impulse buys
  • No need to spend 1-2 hours of your day walking through a grocery store.
  • Still get great savings with prices being low, and Savings Catcher.
  • Freshness guarantee. (I had raspberries that were sub par and they immediately gave me new and credited my account.)

For our menu we shop for our family of 4 for around $80/week. We buy food only and cat food monthly because Subscribe and Save does not offer our brand of cat food. ($4/month)

The nice part about Walmart Grocery Pick Up.  is I can see exactly how much my order will be, no counting while I walk through the store.  This also let’s me tweak things if I go over budget.

Example: Last week, I wanted to make spaghetti and homemade meatballs for dinner. Ground Beef was $4.89/lb, plus rice noodles $2.89, and sauce $1.50 (I had other ingredients for this on hand) the total cost of this meal was $9.28.

For an alternative, I had half a head of cabbage from the Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls, cost $0, kielbasa sausage $1.50, and shelled rice noodles, $1.50. ( already had onion and other ingredients on hand. ) Total cost for this meal was $3.00!

This freed up about $6 from the budget. This let’s me go back and separate my needs from wants. I love fruit snacks, but if we are close on budget that month I do not need fruit snacks.

Another thing is “Savings Catcher” , this is a Walmart program where you enter your receipt number, and they shop current competitors ads. If there is a store with the same product cheaper , you get the difference on a Walmart e-gift card.  You can not use on the grocery app, but you can use on and in store on anything.  This year I have already received $65 in Savings Catcher refunds. I used this to buy a collapsible wagon for vacation and party supplies for a graduation party.

I was a loyal Aldi shopper forever but have not noticed any money difference since moving to Walmart.

The only thing I have found that is not in line is the amount of plastic bag use. I can not use my reusable shopping bags. I do however bring the bags back to the store each week to recycle.

Next week, I will begin offering up weekly menu plans with recipes. My menus and meal prep will be based off of my families eating habits and pricing based on  Walmart Grocery Pick Up, if you use this link its $10/off your first order.

This week, I would encourage you to check out Walmart Grocery Pick Up, and use for your current budget and list. I should add that the customer service they offer through grocery pick up is fabulous.

Happy Hunting!!!