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Non-Grocery Quarterly Budget

By now, if you are following along, we have only begun to work on the budget, but you should have a basic budget with your income and expenses and you should know what you have left each month. That is where this journey begins.  From our previous post, you should have everything included in your […]

Summer Pops

  Print Summer Pops Prep Time 5 mins Total Time 5 mins   Well it’s just about the time when the kids are bored of Summer, it’s brutally hot outside, and everyone starts to get on each others nerves.  I always find that when that begins, it’s best to fill their loud-whiny mouths with HomeSpun […]


It’s Friday and you know what that means, we are either making or saving money!!! This week we are going to build off of the EBates post and show you how to make even more money doing what you already do. As you will learn later this week, I am a huge promoter of Walmart […]

A Shot Of Wonderful

Last year sometime in August, we had a plan to take the girls out back to school shopping. The thing about Fibromyalgia or any chronic pain is that it never flares at the right time, as if there would ever be a right time. Here I am barely able to walk with two teenagers who […]

HomeSpun Food Wrap

Good morning Mrs. Maker again…by now you’ve probably learned or assumed that I love a project and a challenge. This next piece was a bit of both. The project itself was super easy, but making a video…that is a work in progress. We went for it, more to show a different spin on how to […]

Monthly Budgeting-Your Next Moves

Good morning, Mrs. Maker here- I hope that you are enjoying the budget tools we have provided so far.  By now you should have about half of your monthly receipts saved up and a good idea of what money is coming in and going out of your house each month.  We suggested that you highlight […]

Friday Money Maker

It’s Friday and I like to finish off very week by showing you how to either make or save money…well who are we kidding…I like to show you everyday how to make or save money. By a show of hands how many people use EBATES? (Crickets) Just what I thought, like you I hadn’t heard […]

Cloth Napkins

Today I want to share with you one of the easiest ways to reduce a few bucks out of your budget and do something go for the environment. Cloth napkins. Now I know what you are thinking, she’s nuts. My kids are messy and the last thing I need is more laundry. I don’t have […]

Deviled Eggs

Mrs. Maker here and I have a confession….I have never made deviled eggs before today.  We are heading to a cookout later and I had no idea what to bring. I had 6 eggs in the fridge that were ready to expire and so I thought how hard can it be? This recipe is perfectly […]