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Dollar Shave Club

Let”s face it – pun intended – shaving is one of those things that we all just want to get over with each day. Done it for years… Over those years, I’ve tried it all, and learned a thing or two about many of the most popular razors out on the market. I’m sure you’ve […]

Monthly Budgeting

Hi, Kathy (Mrs. Maker) here- Today we are kicking off our blog with a very helpful first post. Our plan is to help you live your best HomeSpun life. What do we mean by HomeSpun? Well, we mean making it yourself, finding new and creative ways of being environmentally friendly, and just becoming the best […]

Method Smarty Dish Plus Product Review

On my quest to find a gluten free dish washing pod, I can honestly say I have found the answer. Just a few things that I love. This product works in a modern dishwasher. There are no phosphates and no chlorine bleach. It is vegan and gluten free. There are zero spots left on my […]