Friday Money Saving

It’s Friday, which means it is time to make or save money. Today, I wanted to focus on saving money. More over I wanted to focus on saving money for gift giving.

Christmas, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, or Weddings.  Most of us have so many of these each year. Not to mention Anniversaries, Mothers Day, Fathers Day. If you are like us you have step moms, in laws, step dads and so on.  It adds up to a lot of gifts.

I wanted to share something our family started doing last year, in hopes that this may work for you or may inspire a different idea to save money.

Favorite Things

Just like the song goes, this gift giving my be wrapped in brown paper and tied up with strings.

With the exception of all graduation presents which are a check written for the amount of the year $21.17 for all grads this year.

For the holidays, we made this an extended family theme. “The Year of Our Favorite Things” the theme was simple, everyone had to think through something that they discovered, made, ate, or did that became their favorite thing.  Then you buy X amount of them (all the same one for each person in the family).  This year was a challenge health wise for me and so I found the little ice bags like I had when I was a kid. Over the holidays they had multiple patterns of these available and I paid under $40 for all of my gifts for the family.  They love them and everyone uses them.  Our son, loves Cheese its, and while that is not unique to him this year, he got everyone a box of cheese its. I think his total was around $15.  The rest of the family gifts included lotto tickets, 3 pack samplers of kcups, bagel gift cards, soaps, and cookies.  The story alone makes these things worth trying because they were thoughtful.

We expanded this idea to the entire theme of gift giving. Lots of my gifts center around things I have highlighted on this blog. Soaps, Kcup recyclers, resuable bags, pickles, and the list goes on to more that I just have not shared yet.

For baby showers, and I went to quite a few this year, something that I loved or used for my own baby, with a note was perfect.

There is something to be said for a pretty brown paper package tied up in string. Adding a tag with a note about why its your favorite thing, and suddenly gift giving on a budget takes on a new meaning.

I was always one to prefer a meaningful present than something that was on sale at the nearest box store. My sisters loved when I sent them a card with Garbage Pail Kids from our childhood, or nostalgic candy.

Let me know if your family has a similar idea or way that you save money with gift giving.

Stay tuned for next week when menus and grocery budgets come out.