My Capsule Part Two

Starting a Capsule:

1. Pare down your closet to 37 items.
2. Wear only those 37 items for three months.
3. Don’t go shopping during the season until…
4. During the last two weeks of the season, plan and shop for your next capsule.
​5. The amount you buy for the next capsule is up to you, but less is more.

Since my post last week on my capsule wardrobe, I wanted to let you know that I have since shipped 2 giant bags off to ThredUP for extra money and I have given away one giant plastic tub, and two laundry baskets to friends of mine.  Each and every piece of clothing was held up and asked the 7 questions!

It was funny to me how many things in my closet, I know I feel uncomfortable when I wear or they are just not my style. This initial purge was easier than I expected.

What I am left with is still a bit of disarray but less of a disarray than before.  Getting rid of sweaters and pants with holes in them was liberating. I highly suggest starting there. I had 6 sweaters with various rips, one that I had even worn recently and swore I just wouldn’t lift my arm where someone would see. That’s nuts. After that it was a matter of money guilt as my reason for hanging on to most things. Thinking I had spent my hard earned money on this and therefore it should hang in the closet and I could pretend I hadn’t made a buying mistake. I also adopted some new planning for this most amazing wardrobe.  This brings me to my step two!

Step Two Is Round Two

Yes that is correct. As you can see above and if I were to take a guess, I would say there are probably 50 pieces of clothing in my closet still.  My goal is to get rid of another 25-30 pieces.

As incentive to myself I bought 30 really nice hangers, the velvet lined kind and I am only using those.  30 hangers =30 pieces.

My Color Pallet

That is it, that is my neutrals. I want to add some Navy and some light blues and I have green eyes and anything green looks good on me, the colors in my pallet can be worn together. I love experimenting with colors, but the pallet is optional as long as each piece can be worn a variety of ways. I know that every color in my pallet except black and navy can be worn together this will make dressing and outfit combinations easier. Totally up to you if this works for you or not.

There are some goals I set for myself. Setting goals will help me to make sure I am not getting right back into an overabundance of spending and clothing. This is something I need.

  • I am not shopping for anything else until January 2018.  I did buy a few pairs of Talbots pants because I got rid of a lot of my brown, navy and black pants that no longer fit or yes some had stains and holes. I also bought a few cardigans for this exact same reason. This project doesn’t have to cost money, but I wear pants and cardigans in all seasons so this made sense for me.
  • I want to make sure each thing in my closet can be worn 7 different ways.  For example, if a pink sweater is in the closet it needs to be able to be worn with brown pants, navy pants, black pants, skirts of same color. Add accessories like necklaces and scarves to change the look. So the pink sweater can stay.  The bright red floral dress? No it can only be worn as a floral dress, it isn’t even set up to wear with a cardigan or blazer. This will go.
  • Talbot’s pants are awesome. (ThredUp $16.99) I only say this because I never even considered trying this brand of pants, and they are awesome.
  • I have established my color pallet.  I can check that off the list.
  • My motto this month- heck this year is-  “Live Simply”

I would love to hear stories about how your capsule is coming along. Message me with your own adventure.