Deviled Eggs

Mrs. Maker here and I have a confession….I have never made deviled eggs before today.  We are heading to a cookout later and I had no idea what to bring. I had 6 eggs in the fridge that were ready to expire and so I thought how hard can it be?

This recipe is perfectly vegetarian and gluten free.

I put the eggs in and brought to a boil- then turned off and went for a run with my daughter- leaving them sit on the stove in the hot water.

Upon returning they were perfectly done and I rinsed and peeled the shells off.

Then, in a measuring cup I added the above ingredients in no particular order- I added the egg yolks and stirred.

Now for the fancy part- in a baggie, I put all the filling, cut the tip and filled the holes left open by the yolks. Added some paprika and chives from my herb garden and voila!

“The deviled egg is in the detail!”

Happy 4th!

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  1. Randa Ring
    Randa Ring says:

    This recipe is so simple and easy to make! I did change just a couple of things up. I do not care for mayo, so I just used light sour cream. Also, I added about a tsp of Sriracha hot sauce because I personally love anything spicy. Overall they came out pretty amazing!

  2. Mrs. Maker
    Mrs. Maker says:

    I think the next batch I make, I am going to use avocado instead of mayo but love the sriracha idea….not sure if green and red will make the filling brown? I guess there is only one way to find out.

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