No Spend Day Fail

It’s Friday, and you know what that means….I am going to show you how to make or save money.

This month we are working on NO$SPENT days. As I previously admitted earlier this week, I had a super emotional shopping day on Monday and I want to go through that experience and show you exactly how this could have played out differently.

My first confession, Monday spilled over to Tuesday and Wednesday. I am sure Mr. Maker is shaking his head as he reads this.

This is my No Spend Fail Confession:

Monday at Lunch time, my co-worker and I went to Target so that she could get school supplies for her son.

  • My first mistake was I should have left my wallet in my desk drawer. This would have made the impulse buys that I made impossible.
  • I wanted to get a book, for all the reading I want to start doing again. Second Mistake, I am not currently reading on the regular and I didn’t even begin by looking at the library which is a block from our house.
  • I needed Quinoa pasta for the farewell dinner we were hosting for our son before his mission trip. This I bought on sale and it was really good. $1.54. I could have used veggies I already had and made spiral noodles since I am the only one who needed to eat gluten free.
  • I checked Cartwheel before I went. I wasn’t supposed to buy anything but the allure of a deal made Cartwheel essential.

I spent $55.36

I spent $55.36 on a trip that was an impulse to begin with. Let me explain what I bought.

  • Two books, the reading habit for the life I am going to begin living required not just one book but two. $12/each after the 20% discount.
  • Quinoa Pasta mentioned above $1.54
  • Two baguettes. $2.99 but I had a 50 cent coupon.
  • Pasta Sauce $3.08, because I couldn’t remember if we had and I didn’t want to text my husband to check. We did have and the unused sauce is in the pantry.
  • Tupperware $12.99 with 20% Cartwheel and $2.00 off coupon saving $4.50, I didn’t need or want Tupperware but now $8.50 made it a deal. It is still in my trunk while I debate returning it.
  • K cups $10.99 because what if my Subscribe and Save didn’t arrive on time? By the way it did and now I have way too many K cups.

This entire $55 trip was not necessary but I backed it up with another $30 trip to World Market.

I spent $30 on a trip to World Market, because I am always the hostess and I had to have fun wine for my dinner guest for our sons farewell dinner.

  • Rose’ $11.99, I don’t drink Rose’ but its fun for the summer. (My MIL had one small glass and it is now in my refrigerator going bad.)
  • Sangria $11.99 in a fun bottle. This was really delish and the bottle was cute and I can reuse for Limoncello, it wasn’t needed but it was fun.
  • Italian Olives $5.99, that’s the theme of the dinner right?
  • Salami $5.99 because it will make the  platter more appealing with a theme?
  • Italian Cheese $4.99 this finished the look.

My 6 year old nephew loved the salami so much that he filled up on that and didn’t eat his dinner. After the family added crackers to the platter, I couldn’t eat any of it because it touched Gluten.

Now the icing on the cake $77 at TJMAXX

The hottest day of the week Wednesday and my bras was really bugging me, rubbing the wrong way. The solution= Shopping. I spend $77 at TJMAXX.

  • 6 new bras on clearance $34
  • 3 tops for work $34, if you have ever seen my closet you know this was NOT anything I needed.

Total Failure= $187

Now this may seem like a lot of extra money or maybe it’s pocket change for your family, for someone who prides herself on saving money and reusing what she has, this is pitiful.

I share this with you so that we can all look inside ourselves and see where we are wasting our money and where we have room for improvement. My NO$SPENT week is obviously a work in progress. As I type this out it is more embarrassing than anything.  The best part is this weekend is tax free holiday in Ohio, so I blew it on a whole different level and emotionally I don’t feel any different because of this stuff.  As my punishment,  I’ll just be sitting over here in my new shirt, reading this book, eating olives if anyone needs me 😉

We would love to hear from you on ways you have wasted or saved money and how you keep from temptations. I think I will be leaving all my cards at home from now on.