Natural Ingredients

I’m so glad you’ve come to visit! If this is your first time to HOME SPUN STUFF, you’ve started at the right spot.

My name is Kathy and along with my husband, Nick, I have been a list maker and budget guru since birth. Mr. Maker has always been somewhat of an analytic type, and we both love to entertain. Combine that with the pride in making something from scratch and the need to save a few bucks and there you have it.

We are passionate about feeding our family healthy food, showing them a better – more natural way to live and being good examples of managing our finances. This site is a place where we share our creations and failures on anything from making your own meals to bath products. I am very savvy at saving money on food and groceries, since this is the most flexible piece in any budget.

Not to fear, we aren’t going to ask you to give up your morning coffee, or to stop flushing the toilet.  Mr. Maker and I both work full time jobs. We like cooking from scratch but know that isn’t always practical. I have a major clothing obsession and Mr. Maker is a sucker for electronics. We live very well.

Here at Home Spun Stuff , we are sure you will find something you like and can implement in your life. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.