Moses’ Basket: Which to Buy, Is It Worth It?

I mentioned Kent’s Moses’ basket when I talked about my favorite nursing spot.  A few of you had questions about it so here is the story on how we arrived on a Moses basket and how we decided which to buy.  I wrote this post when we had our first baby.  If you’d like to see what we tried for our sixth baby to sleep in, see the note at the bottom of this post. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Moses’ Basket versus Co-Sleeper When I was pregnant I spent hours and hours, seriously, hundreds of hours researching baby products and reading reviews on  It has really paid off as we’ve been very happy with all of my our choices.  All of the decisions we made selecting a place for baby to sleep was the biggest stressor for me.  We already had a crib but I wanted a portable place for him to sleep too. I considered a co-sleeper like these ones.  I was really put off by the appearance – plastic and mesh wasn’t my idea of a beautiful place for my newborn.  The look didn’t fit in with our hodge podge of country decor.  We

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