Where to begin!?  My normal life and routine have been put on hold for the last several weeks.  I painted our office which meant letting my house go for a week and a half and painting, painting, painting, during nap times and when Kent was in the mood to play on his own.  The painting is done and I’m finally happy with the color.  I painted the dark, wood trim white and I like it.  I normally like to keep the natural wood look but after studying a lot of pictures online I realized the wood was dragging down our house.  The white looks fresh and new and actually allows the remaining wood (the floor in this case) to shine.  I have a new desk for me half built so that needs to be finished and then I can decorate on and around it.  Just when I started to get back to normal my Dad and my step-mom came for a visit.  We were thrilled to have them and grateful that they came.  My Dad helped me do two big projects that would have cost us a lot of $$$ to have someone else do.  More on that later!  It

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