On Facebook I asked my friends to “GUESS WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?!”.  My Aunt Linda nailed it!  In her words:  <—- I really thought my Aunt Linda was going to guess it but she was way off. Yeah baby, that’s right! Oh wait, that part doesn’t work anymore either.  I really thought someone would guess it right. Oh, the suspense… here it is… I’m not pregnant again if that’s what you’re thinking… But this is a really big deal… Today while running errands Kent and I went through the ATM and deposited a check.  A check for $294.35.  And then this afternoon I logged in to my account at Frankenmuth Credit Union and transferred that money over as the final payment on my student loan.  I didn’t even get the satisfaction of seeing the balance at $0.  The whole loan section just disappeared right off the page.  That’s right, loans and liabilities are gone forever. WE’RE DEBT FREE EXCEPT THE MORTGAGE!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!  

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