Cyber Monday Deals for Toddlers!

BOOKS Better World Books is taking 25% off all of their used books when you buy 5 or more.  The code is BLACKFRIDAY.  There is a bit of a learning curve with their site so listen up.  The discount is only good on books sold and shipped by the company themselves – NOT on anything sold by “Other Sellers”.  Some items have a little “SALE” tag by them – that means they qualify for Bargain Bin pricing and do NOT qualify for this sale.  Do not put any Bargain Bin books in your cart or the discount code will not work, even if you have 5 other books that do qualify.  I ended up placing two orders: one with Bargain Bin books and one with discount code books.  Shipping is free so it wasn’t a problem once I figured it out.  I picked up several books here that we need for doing Sonlight preschool next year.  The cheapest used books on Amazon are usually $4.00 ($3.99 shipping + $0.01 price) so being able to order some for $3 was a rare treat.  This is the one that ends at 9 AM. PRESCHOOL CURRICULUM Laura at Heavenly Homemakers is offering 30%

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