20+ Tools to Teach the Alphabet: Letter P

I was invited to collaborate with an awesome group of homeschooling mamas to share our favorite tools to teach the alphabet! Sit back and relax while I show you how we study the Letter P.

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My display shelf for Letter P week.

If you want more information about any of the resources, here are the ones I could find online:

You can find ideas for the other letters on the complete playlist.

You may notice most of our tools feature the lowercase letters, not uppercase. I do that intentionally. Since most of the letters we encounter while reading and writing ARE lowercase, it in beneficial for young learners to be familiar with them. I show the uppercase letters as well but choose to focus on lowercase whenever possible. Our playdough stampers, stickers, etc. are all lowercase.

We also use American Sign Language to help our little ones learn their letter and letter sounds. I will write more about this at a later date. It has been very helpful to my boys!

I hope this was helpful and you feel better equipped with these tools to teach the alphabet! Do you have a creative way to teach letters? I’d love to hear about it! Watch for the Saturday Share feature on my Facebook page and show us what you do.

I share 20+ best tools to teach the alphabet including many free printable resources for practicing letters & give you a video tour of our preschool shelf. Here's a picture of our preschool shelves featuring many of our favorite tools for learning the letters.
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