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Hi! I’m so glad you’ve stopped in. I’ve been living in the land of mask making and just trying to cope through this crazy like everyone else. Today, though, I’m pushing through the fog to join in with some other bloggers and influencers who are choosing to #StandWithSmall during this time by sharing their favorite Etsy finds.

Small business NEED you now, more than ever before. But there’s something in it for you, too. A lot of small businesses are making and stocking things that are really hard to find in stores right now. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite Etsy shops with you, starting with a store that stocks an amazing hand soap that won’t dry out your hands even with all the extra washing we are all doing. Bonus points for it being in stock and you not having to go in a store to get it, they ship right to your door!

Little Provisions

Little Provisions is my absolute favorite shop right now! And it’s not just because the people who own the shop are dear friends, though they are. It’s not just because they are strong, hardworking Christians, either, though they are. Their products actually work better than store bought ones, they are better for us, and it’s convenient to get them ordered and shipped (or handed to me in church in our case, lol). Win, win, win!

Click play for cuteness: a little clip of how my boys use the “their cream” before a nap.

We use their Relax stick every single night before bed and sometimes before nap. My boys won’t go to bed without “their cream”. We also use the Remedy cream, their original claim to fame product, every night. I ask the boys where they have any new hurt spots. It’s been a great way for me to keep tabs on who is hurt where and catch any slivers or other boy ailments before they get infected. A couple of the boys have battle scars from old cuts or scrapes and I rub the Remedy cream in to those, too, to help keep scar tissue at bay. I also bought a bottle of their Head to Toe Body Wash to try on the boys. We have only ever used California Baby on them because they are extremely sensitive to certain chemicals, but once that runs out I’m excited to try a local option.

A review of Relief, Relax, Refresh, and Remedy skincare sticks from Little Provisions Etsy shop.
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Credit: Little Provisions. This one was too cute not to share.

I like the sticks so much that I bought a bunch and gave them out as Christmas presents and stocking stuffers for my closest mom friends and my kids’ grandparents. Little Provisions sells a sampler pack of the sticks that’s great for splitting up and gifting. They have creams in little tins, too, but I like that the sticks can be applied without getting under my fingernails.

review of Lavender Goat Milk Hand Soap from Little Provisions Etsy shop
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This is an actual picture of the soap we use in our kitchen, I didn’t clean for you so no judging! Ha.

It’s not just the kids that get to enjoy their products though. We use their liquid goat milk handsoap sooo much right now. I started with one to try and it’s been so nice that I’m going to order more for every sink. Except maybe the little kids’ bathroom… because it’ll end up played with and dumped in the sink to make bubbles. They are on a bar soap only regimen right now so I’ll get them a goat’s milk bar instead.

Review of Whipped Cocoa Butter from Little Provisions Etsy Shop
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I just got this in December and it’s already almost gone, unlike the other lotions I’ve had for years. This one just works so well and smells so good that I use a lot!

Their Relief stick was a lifesaver when we were sick this winter and had body aches and difficulty breathing. Stacey, the owner, gifted me with a tin of their whipped cocoa butter at Christmas time and I’ve already it all up. It’s the best body moisturizer I’ve ever used and I love not having to worry about weird chemicals or strong fragrances. When my cocoa butter ran out I remembered that I had purchased their Orange Sugar Scrub awhile ago. I started using that and it is so moisturizing that I don’t even to apply an extra moisturizer after my shower before using sunless tanner now. Using sunless tanner is one of my monthly goals and it saves me a lot of time to not have to moisture first!

Review of Pure Provisions 100% organic orange Sugar Scrub from Little Provisions Etsy shop
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Again, a real picture from my bathroom so disregard the spilled shampoo, lol. I forgot I had this but once I tried it, it quickly became my new favorite.

I want to be sure you know that even though Stacey DID gift me with a cocoa butter, which was so sweet, we paid for all the other things we’ve tried from them, just like anyone else would. She’s not giving me stuff to get me to promote it, I just really believe in their stuff. This has been my honest, unsolicited review of Little Provisions Etsy shop!

For more great Etsy finds, check out the StandWithSmall Editors Picks’ page. They do a great job of procuring unique finds and promoting worthy businesses.

I hope you will give this small business a chance. If there is a small business you would like to see featured here, comment or message me and let me know. I think it’s important that we all work together to help keep this vulnerable family businesses going during this difficult time.

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