Aldi Greenhouse Review + First Garden Update: Mid-May 2020

Whew! It’s been a minute. I have been filming bits of our garden happenings as they develop, so here’s our first official garden update for 2020! Plus, I do a quick Aldi greenhouse review showing both the upright and dropover style greenhouses. This is part of my Gardening for Groceries: Practical Gardening for Busy Moms series. My hope for this series is to help other busy parents see that they don’t need a ton of time or gardening expertise to grow food. Even a small effort can lower the grocery bill!

We planted potatoes, soooo many potatoes that they were taking over the garden. I ended up expanding the garden and rototilling a big new section along two sides of the existing garden. I still don’t have that part tilled up enough to plant, but most of the grass has died so when it dries enough for me to go over it another time or two it should be ready.

Peas, spinach, broccoli, kale, and lettuce are up. Some of the broccoli suffered during our last hard frost, but the rest looks good. A few things that I winter sowed or put in the greenhouse are up. Click on the video below for a little tour of the garden. I also show you the upright Aldi greenhouse and the drop over Aldi greenhouse so you can compare and see which might work best for you.

The weather looks good enough that I think we’ll go ahead and plant the rest the next time we get a dry window to do so. Then I’ll be back with another update.

What have you planted so far? Have you had to replanted anything that got caught by a frost or drowned out?

If you’d like to skip to the part with the Aldi greenhouse review, that starts at 4:29.

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