HOW TO TAKE OUT CAMPER BUNK BEDS (Large Family Camper Makeover Part 2)

As you may know, we’ve been working on our large family camper makeover. We needed to fit our 6 boys in the bunk room. To do it, we had to figure out how to take out camper bunk beds. The existing setup had 4 beds, 2 on each side with a closet in the middle. Under the lower beds was pass through storage accessible from outside the camper. The beds on one side were larger and we did have boys share beds on our first adventure, but they were crowded. The closet was pretty useless as it was way taller than even adult shirts would need and there was wasted space at the bottom that would have been better used for drawers. The water pump and some other plumbing and electrical was under one bed.

We figured out how to take out camper bunk beds in our Quad bunk room in 30' Holiday Rambler Savoy as part of our large family camper makeover.
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The bunk room with quad bunks, before we them out.

We ran through a few different options and decided the best long term solution for us was going to be to gut the room and start over. We left the water pump, and the walls, but everything else came out. It was a lot harder than we expected to remove everything. Campers are apparently built differently since the fixtures and furniture is all put in during construction. Many things looked to be screwed together from the outside before the camper siding went on. We show in detail how we removed everything without damaging the camper walls too badly.

This is part 2 in our Large Family Camper Makeover series that shows the whole large family camper makeover from start to finish. If you missed Part 1 go check it out. We showed how to get started by removing wall border, valances, etc. Be sure to subscribe to our MarriedtotheFarm YouTube channel so you get to see the new videos as soon as they post. Part 3 is already uploaded and will be public today or tomorrow.

I hope this was helpful if you, too, are trying to figure out how to take out camper bunk beds!

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