Homeschool Curriculum for a 7 Year Old Boy

Some of the stories we will be enjoying together this year as part of our homeschool curriculum.
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Part of our chosen homeschool curriculum for a 7 year old boy

It seems like the whole world is homeschooling right now! I get asked almost every day: what curriculum do you use? I’ve had some long chats with a few friends and then I realized it would make more sense to just post my list for you to browse through at your convenience. I’m still up for long chats though, so if you have questions please reach out. I love homeschooling and the word curriculum excites me, lol. Guess I’m a nerd! Today I’m kicking things of with my choice of homeschool curriculum for a 7 year old boy. If you don’t want to read all the details, skip to the bottom for a quick list and a video of what we’re using!

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To give you an idea of who these choices might suit, my 7 year old boy is reading but still sounds out a lot of words. In math, he’s proficient in addition and subtraction in to the thousands but still uses manipulatives for more than one or two digits. He’s our second child and is generally carefree and happy. I also have a post with curriculum choices for an advanced 9 year old boy that might be helpful if you have an older or very driven child.

History, Bible, & Literature Curriculum

We use Sonlight for these subjects! My 7 year old has previously done Sonlight Preschool, Pre-K, A, and B. This year, I’m combining him with all of his younger siblings and doing the NEW Sonlight Level K: Exploring American History. I might discuss this decision in detail more at a later date. He is still doing math, reading, and language arts at his own level. He listens to the read alouds for Level K, but also listens to the read alouds for Level D along with is older brother. So, he’s really getting *more* than he would have by doing just C, not less.

If you’re not familiar with Sonlight curriculum, it is a collection of regular “living” books – not textbooks. Most of them are realistic fiction with accurate historical details. There is a teacher’s guide with discussion questions, vocabulary, and suggested activities to go along with many of the stories. It’s a fun way to learn and it’s easier to remember historical facts when they are part of an exciting storyline. I’m learning a lot that I’ve forgotten or maybe never knew!

  • We do the 5 day option (versus the 4 day).
  • Sonlight has readers that the child is supposed to read on his or her own. This year he’s finishing up a few Grade 1 readers and then we’ll go right in to the Grade 2 readers.
  • I do the read alouds and am directly involved with most of his work.
  • When we do comprehension questions, we let his younger siblings try to answer first. He fills in with the details they miss. He’s become an excellent listener this year and I really enjoying hearing him explain the story in his own way.
  • I usually buy our Sonlight curriculum used. I either buy the teacher’s guides new from Sonlight and then piece together the books secondhand, or I look for a deal on an entire set from another homeschooling family. Let me know if you want to be added to a Facebook group I’m in for buying and selling Sonlight!
  • You could also use the library if you are ok jumping around a bit as you can get the books.
  • If you purchase directly from Sonlight, use promo code: JB20396985 or click here for $5 off your first order of $50 or more.

Science Curriculum

He is using Sonlight Science Level B this year, again working alongside all of his younger siblings. Last year we had tried some different things for science and we were most of the way through the year before I decided to go back to Sonight Science. Rather than rush through or school through our short summer break, we just picked up Science B again where we left off. When we get done we will either purchase Science K, start Science C, or do some other science activities.

The science levels are a lot like other Sonlight curriculum, with many good books, but there are also worksheets with a few questions to answer after each day’s reading.

  • I read aloud to them from their science books and then ask comprehension questions.
  • There’s a DVD of experiments but we never use it.
  • During the time that I’m reading aloud, I often offer them a related hands on material to explore. Here are some of the ones we are using this year:
    • Squishy Brain
    • Squishy Human Body
    • Human Organs Toob
    • Human Organs Apron: they love this one! It’s fun, it keeps their interest, and they actually are learning the parts because of it. NOTE: I suggest opting for the black one, not transparent. There is no issue with labels rubbing off on the black one at all. At the time of posting, there was also a coupon you could select for extra savings so don’t miss that!
    • Magnet Set: this is another favorite. The kit came with teaching cards and experiment suggestions that are far better than what’s in our science experiment book. This kit could easily stand along for a unit study on magnets! There are a lot of magnet sets out there but I specifically wanted this one because it had larger pieces and is safer for my kids who still like to chew on things. It’s also made my Lauri, a company I already like and trust because we have several of their other products!
    • They also really enjoy building with marshmallows and toothpicks, and eating their creations for a special treat. It keeps their hands busy and their mouths quiet(er). Lol.

Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar Curriculum

Logic of English Foundations C is what we use for these areas of homeschool curriculum for a 7 year old boy. This is my 7th year using Logic of English! We love, love, love this program. I cannot say enough good things about it. I looked at a lot of other programs but most were separate spelling, handwriting, phonics, etc. Logic of English is all in one! Plus, it’s scripted so it tells you exactly what to do each day, there is no parent reading or trying to figure it out ahead of time. It is literally open and go. I need that in my crazy life.

  • Logic of English also has Essentials which is recommended for kids age 8 and above. I think some 7 year olds could handle it, too.
  • There are placement tests for some of the levels. If you’re interested and need help navigating your options, reach out to me! I’m happy to help. We have used every level.


All of his math work so far has been done with Montessori materials. This year we are using Fraction Manual Volume 1 from Montessori Research and Development, and these Montessori Metal Fraction Circles. We are also continuing to practice addition and subtraction, and starting to get in to multiplication and division.

  • Most Montessori math is pretty complicated to manage, it’s not a clear cut curriculum, but doing a fraction study like this would be an easy way to try out Montessori style math if that’s something you’re interested in. Children as young as 6 could probably start this as long as they are solid in their basic math and counting. You could even use a less expensive version of the fraction circles like these.

LOOKING FOR OPEN AND GO MATH? We did a placement test and 15 trial lessons of Teaching Textbooks at the end of the summer. We really enjoyed them. I’m waiting to hear back on whether I can be an affiliate and get a discount code for you guys. I think Teaching Textbooks would be a perfect solution for families who aren’t sure how long term they are going to homeschool and just need something to get through this year. I think we will purchase and use it again later in the year or next year. Level 4 was too easy for Kent except for a few gaps he had so we are going back and working on those with Montessori materials. Then when we purchase we should be able to do Level 5.

Summary: List of Homeschool Curriculum for a 9 Year Old Boy!

Have Questions?

Feel free to reach out to me. Seriously! I don’t know anything about a lot of homeschool options but I do know the programs we use inside and out and I have many of their levels on hand. I can help you figure out where to start, show you table of contents or pics of certain lessons, whatever you need. I live for this stuff and I want you to ENJOY this year with your family, despite all the crazy that is going on in the world.

This post on Homeschool Curriculum for a 7 Year Old Boy is part of a series showing what all of my children are using for the 2020-2021 school year. Check out the first post about curriculum for a 9 year old here!

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