Bible Basics: Day & Night

We’ve now completed our first 4 weeks of Bibles Basics for Two Year Olds. We are loving it! I scheduled a break for us this week so I’m going to blog about what we’ve done so far and schedule the posts once a week from now on. ————————————————————————————————————————————- Kent was 26 months old. We Started with Bible Songs The overarching theme for the first 6 weeks of Bible Basics is, “God Made…”.  During week 1 we learned that God made Day and Night.  The curriculum comes with 2 CDs containing over a hundred Bible and activity songs.  I copied the CDs in to my itunes collection.  The song titles did not carry over automatically so I entered them manually.  It didn’t take very long though, maybe an hour. The curriculum suggests several songs to play during the “God Made…” units.  The teacher’s manual stresses the importance of playing most or all of the same songs from week to week so that these little people can become familiar with them.  I normally would have chosen new songs every week but I took their advice and I’m glad I did.  As the weeks have gone by Kent has become better and better

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