Tot School: Chick theme

Kent was 21 months old. I found so many cute chick activities while searching for Easter ideas!  We raise a couple hundred chickens a year here, plus we have some laying hens wandering around.  Our first batch of day-old chicks arrived on April 5th.  We learned all about chicks and chickens that week! I picked up this cool life cycle of a chicken set at the Chippewa Nature Center.  We used it as the basis for the week’s activities.  I put some white, yellow, and orange feathers in his sensory bin.  At first I added only the nest and eggs figurine.  We talked about eggs and decorated an egg coloring page. Each day I added another figurine and talked to him about what it was.  Then we laid out each day’s coloring picture and matched up them up with the figurines.  We colored a hen on the fourth day and a rooster on the fifth day, even though the set only has one adult bird.  He recognized rooster, hen, etc. when we used those words but I explained that the rooster is the daddy, the hen is the mama, and the chick is the baby.  That made a big impression

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