Tot School: Brown

Kent was 20 months old. I spent a lot more time planning Brown week and it paid off.  There was a bit of frustration on my part when he didn’t want to do some of the activities but I adjusted and we had fun. We did the matching cards a couple times.  This was our first time using them so he didn’t quite “get it” enough to find both parts.  Instead, I laid them all out, already matched, and had him pick out the animals by name and then pick up both parts and put them in the pocket.  This worked well and was a good way to practice his language skills. The yellow basket, aka color bin, was taken around the house and filled with random brown objects.  We have a coonskin cap from his Grandpa Larry and Kent enjoyed petting them and playing with it a little bit. I’ll do a separate post of the paper plate craft. This was by far our best week yet.  Stay tuned for our St. Patrick’s themed week which was even better.  What has been your favorite theme or activity when working with your children? This post is linked to: Tot School

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