Tot School: January (Purple and Color Review)

Kent was 18 months old. We kind of wandered through January.  I tried to rotate the tot trays so that he had fun stuff to play with but I didn’t do a lot of planning or set any real goals.  We spent some time on the color purple. At some point I realized that even though we’d covered most of the colors I still wasn’t really sure if Kent knew and recognized them.  There was a time when he would accurately point the “the red ball” or the “green tree” in his books, but other times that he would point to something else.  So, we did some fun color review activities.  After working through them I could tell that he did recognize most colors, with normal errors and confusion over similar colors.  It’s just good to know where we’re at. Where are you at with learning colors?  What are your favorite color activities?

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