Summer of Shapes: Circle

Kent was 22 months old. After doing our colors and some fun miscellaneous themes last year we were ready for something else to carry us through the summer months.  Why not shapes!?  I was a bit skeptical that Kent would actually pick up on the shapes and learn to identify them.  However, the same thing that happened with our color themes has been happening with the shape themes.  He seems oblivious to what I’m trying to show him, and then weeks later he pipes up with “Triangle!” and I realize that he did get it.  Our learning time together is supposed to be a fun, intentional way to expose him to new concepts.  That’s it: exposure without expectations.  That’s what works. We started with the circle shape.  Here are our tot trays: Nesting cups from Green Sprouts. He had a lot of fun with these so we moved them to his toy kitchen where he can always access them. “A Shape Can Be…” circle printable from Making Learning Fun. I laminated them and added velcro dots. This one was a big hit! Here are some action shots for you: This post is linked to: Tot School Gathering Place

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