Summer of Shapes: Oval & Rectangle

Kent was 25 months old. Since we fell so far behind I started covering two shapes every week. We learned the ASL signs for oval, rectangle, and purple. I don’t have many pictures related to our theme. We used our “A Rectangle Can Be…” cards, the Lauri toys rectangle and stacking pegs, and a beginning pattern block puzzle with rectangles and ovals. I added rectangle and oval buttons to his playdough bin. I didn’t get to it but thought of adding a deodorant dispenser top to the bin for pressing oval shapes in to the dough. He decorated printouts for our shape display. I couldn’t find shapes with the names printed inside of them so I made my own. That way we can cut them out and still have them labeled. If you want my templates let me know and I’ll e-mail them to you. I gave him this sheet from Memorizing the Moments in a page protector so he could erase and redo it. The week was mostly filled with random activities of his choice. We’ve been visiting the library all along but I guess I’ve been forgetting to photograph our favorites.

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