Mama Toolkit: Resources that Make Life Easier

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Motherhood is no joke, it’s a serious profession! And just like with any profession, it’s much easier to do with the right tools.

Proverbs 31:15 says:
She also rises while it is yet night,
And provides food for her household,
And a portion for her maidservants.

Maidservants!? Seriously… I would love to have me some of those. But isn’t it intriguing here that she was up early, preparing for her servants? She wasn’t hiding her head under her pillow until the last possible second (I mean, who does that?) and then rushing around getting snappy with people because the day got a jump on her. It sounds like she was taking a hot minute to assess the needs of her household, and probably delegating tasks.

Now let’s think… do we have maidservants? We kind of do. Someone to heat the water and scrub the dishes for us? Dishwasher, check. Someone to haul water, agitate the clothes, drain it, rinse it, spin it dry? Washing machine, check. A cook to begin cooking at the right time, heat the food just right, and then keep it warm until it’s mealtime? I have appliances that do that. Look around and you might be surprised just how many “servants” we do have.

I’m going to share with you some of the things that have helped me the most in my quest to survive and thrive even with my hands full. Some of these I received as gifts for our wedding – and I still use them today. Some of them were not in the budget until recently, but I’m definitely enjoying them now that money isn’t as tight. No matter where you are financially or what life stage you are in, I hope these ideas will at least get your gears turning. Anything to help the days run more smoothly is a win, right!?

Let’s jump in…

Cleaning Tools

Robotic Vacuum: iRobot Roomba 614

I’ve had a Roomba since before I was married. We’ve had a few models over the years, sometimes two at a time. They got us through having 5 big dogs in the house (!) and now 6 kids, and they work equally well on carpet and hard floors. One time, a toddler poured a whole glass of water right in the buttons and killed one. I called iRobot and they gave me a deal on a replacement. They have good service and as the original robotic vacuum developer, I trust their products.

The model we have right now is the 620, but I always go for the cheapest, most basic model that’s available at the time. Our new house has central vac, but even now I would not be without a Roomba!

Kitchen Helps

Instant Pots: 6 quart and 8 quart

If I had to pick one appliance to take to a deserted island with me, I’d carry one of these babies above my head while I waded from the boat. I could probably stick a furry island creature in it whole and it would come out perfectly cooked! Or coconuts, hmm. I digress. But seriously, between this and the air fryer, we often question why we have an oven.

I don’t use most of the function buttons, but I do use the delay timer to set it and forget it – and they both automatically keep warm after cooking! I like the extra room in the 8 quart for putting frozen roasts and chickens in. We also make pasta, rice, ground beef, boiled eggs, yogurt, and more in the instant pots. Many nights we use one for meat and one for a side dish. If you have questions about models and features, shoot me a message. I’m happy to help.

Spiritual Walk

My Favorite Devotional: Mom Heart Moments

If you have been hanging around very long, you’ve heard me talk about Sally Clarkson. Here’s what I tell everyone: Sally’s words are like balm for the mama soul!

Mom Heart Moments has 365 one page devotionals that are the perfect mix of spiritual encouragement, practical advice, and wisdom from a mom who has been there. I savor the chance to spend a few minutes with Sally each morning, and when I get behind I appreciate that the passages are easy to read and catch up on. Whether you’re a “baby Christian” or a studied theologian, this devotional will meet you where you’re at.

My Bible: HCSB Study Bible for Women

I’ve had this Bible for a few years now. I was drawn to the color, the soft feel of the cover, and how the weight of it felt in my hands. The Holman Christian translation was new to me, so I read up on it a little bit and talked to our Pastor about it. I didn’t find anything taboo, so I went ahead and tried it and have been very happy. The wording is similar to the NIV.

I like that it has excerpts speaking to women specifically. The beginning of each book includes a note about what women should consider while reading it. The cover and pages have held up well to my highlighting, underlining, and the occasional fall down the stairs (thanks to my rowdy bunch). I’d definitely buy it again.

Marriage Resources

Note: We prefer to listen to marriage books on Audible. My husband and I can each listen on our own time and then discuss what we learned later. We done this with several books and it has always been a blessing to our relationship, and easier to fit in to daily life.

The 5 Love Languages

This must-read book really helped us early on in our marriage. It eased some tensions and helped with miscommunication. If you have never heard about the concept of the 5 love languages, it’s something I believe every person could benefit from learning. I even added a 7th task to my Daily 6 List of things I do every day after I figured out my husband’s love language! This would also make a great wedding or bridal shower gift.

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