Quotes for Women: Deep, Meaningful, Motivational

I asked you, my loyal friends, to send me your favorite quotes for women! Every week I share new, postive quotes. Some of them are deep or motivational quotes to live by. Others are funny, sassy, and short. There are also inspirational Christian quotes and others about strength, success, confidence, etc. I hope this will be a meaningful addition to my content here!

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Quotes for Women
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“For sick children, convalescence can be a time of great tenderness, when despite their discomfort they know themselves to be highly valued and cared for.”
-Sally Clarkson from her book Life-Giving Home

I just love Sally Clarkson! Everything she writes is gold. Life-Giving Home was the first of her books that I seriously sat down and read. Since then, I’ve found her podcast At Home With Sally. I listen to it each night as I fall asleep. Her words are so comforting, like balm for the soul! And she brings wisdom, not only from her only life but from the co-hosts and guests she brings on.

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