Raising Livestock

The Ewes Have A Date… (ewes go to the breeder)
Disturbing Find and Thinking Like a Farmer (sudden death in sheep part 1)
More About That Sheep… (sudden death in sheep part 2)
Notes About Sheep (extensive notes about raising sheep)
The Lambs are Confused (has pics of the sheep feeder Brian built)

5 Roosters = Soup (Barred Hollands are aggresive!)
Poultry Update – Cattle Panel Shelter – Pics! (raising colored rangers in our portable shelter)
Cattle Panel Chicken Shelter – Part 1 (building our portable shelter)
Building an Eggmobile: Part 1 (how we built our portable chicken coop)
Building an Eggmobile: Part 2 (how we built our portable chicken coop continued)

#09 is Trouble! (catching escaped steers)

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  1. Jena:
    I am looking for a breeding trio of Tamworth hogs. I landed here in my search because I saw a post you made on a Message Board years ago saying that you were looking into Tamworths.

    Did you find them? Do you raise them, now? Do you know who might be willing to sell two sows and an intact boar?

    Geoffrey Parker
    Wildwoods Farm, Saint Joe, IN

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